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Industrial Use

SMALL SCALE LNG “A choice of efficiency”
The LNG plant an energy solution tailored for Your Company

The LNG is confirmed as the ideal energy solution for companies not connected to the natural gas network, who want to replace the fuels used with a more efficient source, cleaner and more economical, thanks to a price tends to lower and constant in time, with the possibility to have the facility loan for use. This is a great advantage for companies, which are not forced to deal with major investments in the initial phase, as with other energy sources.

E² Energy offers to its customers a specialized team of key account who take care of all aspects and that offer a complete and customized solution based on the fuel used and consumption related to the production processes of the company.

  • Energy audit – the energy needs Diagnosis
  • Custom bid – ROI Calculation
  • Design and Permitting system
  • Construction and start-up facility
  • LNG supplies logistics management
  • Maintenance and service 24 hours a day 7 days out of 7




Plant Layout

LNG is transported in cryogenic tanks and stored in a cryogenic liquid tank. Then from the tank through the atmospheric vaporizers, the LNG is vaporized and then move on to the reduction/odorization group that carries the gas to the operating pressure.





The cryogenic tank is used for storage of the LNG in the liquid phase. As a whole, it is constituted by an inner pressure vessel, an outer casing and a valve framework intended for its use and with its operations. The space between the inner container and the outer casing is filled with insulating material, maintained under high vacuum to increase the thermal insulation. The operation of the tank is fully automatic, thanks to the adjustment system constituted by the economizer and from the pressure reducer, as well as by a telemetry management system.

  • Vaporizers typically operate as heat exchangers; the ambient air supplies the necessary calories to the profile of the finned vaporizer and consequently to the cryogenic fluid so that it can increase its temperature and vaporize.
  • The cryogenic pump has the function to aspirate the LNG from the tank and enter in the vaporizer to the operating pressure required by the installation company.
  • The reduction/odorization system allows the gas produced in the vaporizer to be ready for operation in the thermal power plant of the company.