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LNG “as an alternative to long-distance transport”

LNG allows the storage and the transport of large quantities of energy in considerably small spaces and allows the introduction of a cleaner fuel also in the areas of transport and particularly polluting.
LNG is the only way forward to allow trucks to use liquid methane as fuel, for its advantage of the tare weight and the greater autonomy of the vehicle compared to compressed natural gas. In fact the autonomies of a LNG vehicle can easily exceed 1200 km.
LNG is the only answer to the requests arriving from several parts of a more efficient transport, less polluting and more economical.

The road mobility of goods derives great benefits from the use of liquid methane. In this direction are moving the production industry of heavy vehicles fueled with LNG, the big energy groups for the realization of deposits, the gas station construction companies, freight villages.

It’s easy to see how the methane can contribute effectively to the transition safely into a low carbon transport system, either in gaseous (CNG) and in liquid form (LNG).

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LNG and CNG vehicle technology:

  • Mature technology and economically viable alternative to diesel;
  • Product standardization and the production process, commonality with diesel traction;
  • The L-CNG engines already meet the Euro 6 limits;
  • Noise pollution reduced;
  • Ability to meet urban use, distribution and media / long distance;
  • The autonomy of LNG vehicles becomes comparable to diesel oil vehicles because methane is stored in a liquid form.


  • Riduzione emissioni inquinantieco_systemedic_drop_water
  • Veicoli eco-friendly/Green Fleet
  • Livelli più bassi di rumore
  • Accesso libero nei centri città e ZTL
  • Riduzione dei costi di trasporto
  • Maggiore competitività nel mercato


  • Costi benefici elevati/Tempo di pay back vantaggiosoImmagine1
  • Costi di manutenzione bassi
  • Consumi energetici più bassi
  • Costruzione ed messa in esercizio in tempi brevi




The prescription of the EU recommends a fueling station supplied LNG every 400 km. In Italy there are already 1074 petrol stations methane-CNG, many of which are considering also deliver LNG (L-CNG stations).

Europe supports the development of the infrastructure network TEN-T Core Network Corridors: intermodal infrastructure connecting cities, ports and airports by road and rail.

AREA DI SERVIZIO GNL CON LOGOStorage of LNG in gas station allows to realize the natural gas system also where a pipeline is not available or if this is present with low pressure connection (<2 bar).

E² Energy actively participates in the European project “LNG Blue Corridors”, which has among its objectives the development of service stations with low environmental impact fuels along four major trade routes that cross the continent from north to south.