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Liquefied natural gas, or LNG is a natural gas cooled to – 162 C°. Natural gas condenses at this temperature and becomes liquid. The cooling process shrinks the volume of the gas 600 times, making it easier and safer to store and ship.

LNG is a cheap energy, efficient and clean

  • LNG is efficient because it has a higher calorific value than conventional hydrocarbons. It’s simple to storage because its density allows to store large amounts of energy in a small space.
  • LNG is not corrosive, it does not release sulfur or nitrogen compounds, does not produce particulates, it is eco-friendly for the air and the water.
  • LNG is the ideal solution for companies located in off-grid areas (not served by the network of natural gas), if they needs a more energy during year.

These conditions make LNG as an efficient and affordable choice: price is stable for over two years (Source: Based Platts 2015), it has a high calorific value and requires less maintenance of system than other fossil fuels.

There are about 40,847 potentially interested companies, by Cerved Group analysis.

Industries are divided into six principal areas:

  • Food process
  • Beverage
  • Machining metals, composites, chemical
  • Ceramics processing
  • Industrial laundries
  • Pharmaceutical

Liquefied natural gas is composed by 90-99% of methane, it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, it does not produce dust or toxic fumes and is not inflammable.

To ensure maximum safety is “odorized” with a special substance that helps to detect the presence.